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Bryan Adams on Working on His New Album with Jeff LynneOn his new album, “Get Up,” Bryan Adams worked with Electric Light Orchestra leader Jeff Lynne, and in this interview, he discusses working with him.
Bryan Adams: “I Would Have Loved To Have Been In a Band”Bryan Adams wasn’t kidding when he sang about his band breaking up in “Summer of ’69”; he would have loved to have been in a band, and in this interview with, he says if anyone is looking for a singer, he’s available! He also discusses his undying love for the Who, one of his favorite bands.
Tailgate Fan: Baylor at Oklahoma StateFollow Jordan Eichenblatt as he travels to Stillwater, Oklahoma to see what the Oklahoma State Cowboys and the Baylor Bears have to offer in this highly ranked matchup on episode 12 of Tailgate Fan.
11/24/2015 Part 4Taz finishes breaking down Raw, and takes calls from listeners.
11/24/2015 Part 3Taz continues to break down Raw and take calls from listeners.
11/24/2015 Part 2Taz begins to break down Raw, and take calls from listeners.
11/24/2015 Part 1Taz talks Monday night football, Cesaro's Injury, and takes calls from listeners.
Chris Janson Talks Drake, Rick Ross and Hip-HopWhen asked what his “walk-on” music would be if he was an athlete, Chris Janson had a few ideas. Two of them are hip-hop hits: Drake’s “Started From the Bottom” and Rick Ross’ “B.M.F.” In this interview, he explains why those songs resonate with him.
11/24/2015 BreezeTaz talks about why it was a bad move to have Tyler Breeze be the one pinned in his tag team match last night.
11/24/2015 Roman Reigns MerchandiseTaz talks with PW Insiders Mike Johnson about Roman Reigns Merchandise and his popularity with women wrestling fans.
11/24/2015 IWCTaz talks with Captain Tom about whether or not he's a member of the IWC or the CWC.
TNF Preview Show: Panthers at CowboysThe NFL Today crew breaks down the Thanksgiving match-up between the undefeated Panthers and (3-7) Cowboys.
Test AnvatoTest Anvato
11/23/2015 Part 4Taz finishes breaking down Survivor Series and takes calls from listeners.
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