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Miranda Lambert

Radio Feedback: Miranda Lambert’s First Single Was a True Family Affair

When Lambert and her mom heard her debut single “Me and Charlie Talking” on the car radio, “We pulled over and got out and were running around.”


Courtesy Epic Records

Radio Feedback: Kongos Didn’t Understand the Power of Radio

“It was really like one of those old school moments you see in the movies. It was really exciting,” Johnny Kongos said of hearing their song on U.S. radio. “I just don’t think we quite understood at the time how important radio was in the U.S.”


Martina and John McBride

Radio Feedback: Martina McBride Shared Radio First with Her Husband at Their Kitchen Table

“John and I, we sit at our kitchen table,” McBride remembers of hearing her first single on the radio back in 1992. “We had a little boombox, and we listened.”


Jason Mraz

Radio Feedback: Jason Mraz’s Backwards Journey to Hearing ‘The Remedy’

“I was in Australia in a rental car. I was on the opposite side of the road, I was on the opposite side of the car and I was about to return the car and I heard my song on the radio. My reaction was, ‘Oh I better take this CD out before I return the car.'”


(Courtesy: Naughty Boy, Virgin EMI)

Radio Feedback: Naughty Boy Wants His Music To Do The Talking

“We just stopped the car and he looked at me in a really funny way. ‘You did this? You’re No. 1 right now?'” Naughty Boy recalled. “It brought me down to earth but also it was an amazing moment.”


(Timothy Saccenti)

Radio Feedback: Dave 1 Hears Chromeo on the Radio, Immediately Shares Experience On Instagram

Chromeo had to wait nearly ten years to hear one of their songs on the radio, but according to Dave 1 it was well worth the wait.


(Christian Conte for

Radio Feedback: Mariah Carey Popularizes Melisma with Debut Single

It was a New York moment for Mariah Carey, the first time she heard herself on the radio.


(Courtesy of Interscope Records)

Radio Feedback: Rixton Enjoy Being Sandwiched Between Beyoncé & Pharrell

“It was about yesterday, wasn’t it?” Danny Wilkin of Rixton jokes when asked if the band remember their first time on the radio.


Jerrod NIemann

Radio Feedback: Jerrod Niemann Runs Out of Gas While Hearing ‘Lover Lover’ on the Radio

“We were looking for a gas station. All of a sudden ‘Lover, Lover’ came on and we got so excited we cranked it up and we had the windows rolled down. It was one of those really surreal, cool moments and then we just forgot about the gas completely.”


(Courtesy Lowercase People Records)

Radio Feedback: Switchfoot Hear Their Music Through the Static in Their ’68 VW Bug

“You don’t know what to do. If you’re at a stop light and your windows are down and your song comes on, do you change the channel or roll up the window? I think I called my mom,” Tim Foreman recalled.


Motown founder Berry Gordy (Larry Busacca/Getty Images)

Radio Feedback: Berry Gordy’s Surprising First Hit

By Brian Ives  Welcome to Radio Feedback,’s weekly feature where we ask artists to wax nostalgic on the first time they heard themselves on the radio. When you think of Motown, you think Berry Gordy. […]


Kris Kristofferson

Radio Feedback: Kris Kristofferson Was a Janitor When ‘Jody and the Kid’ Hit the Airwaves

It was the mid-1960s, and Kristofferson was “a janitor at Columbia Recording Studios in Nashville at the time,” explained. “I didn’t talk to anybody in there, because songwriters weren’t allowed to be in the sessions back then.”


(Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Wonderwall)

Radio Feedback: Rascal Flatts Hears ‘Prayin’ for Daylight’ as ‘Smash or Trash’

“The first couple people didn’t like it and we were sitting on the edge of our seats,” Gary LeVox told


(Courtesy: MCA Nashville)

Radio Feedback: David Nail Breaks the Law While Driving Through Memphis

“I had three or four family members that live in the Memphis area call me immediately,” he recalled. “That would have had to be my first cell phone so I was already breaking the law by talking on my cell phone, driving. But it was an exciting moment.”


Juicy J (Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

Radio Feedback: Juicy J Takes Us Back To ‘Tear Da Club Up’

“I went crazy! I got so excited, I was jumpin’ around, I called my mom. ‘Yo, I’m on the radio! I’m on the radio!'”



Radio Feedback: The Hardcore Beginnings of fun.’s Jack Antonoff

With Antonoff accustomed to hearing himself on the airwaves, his earliest memory of hearing one of his own songs on the radio stretched all the way back to his teenage years.