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Read Lorde’s Handwritten Thank You Note to New Zealand

Lorde has earned love and support from America, but her heart will always belong to New Zealand. And her motherland returned the favor, by having her back when the Lorde birthers come out swinging.


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Hear Lorde’s New Song ‘No Better’

Beyonce stunned us all by dropping a brand new album, but Lorde’s got a few tricks up her sleeve too, dropping a new track without any warning.


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Watch Lorde Play ‘Royals’ and ‘White Teeth Teens’ on ‘Fallon’

Looking like a ’90s riot girl in her babydoll dress, New Zealand singer-songwriter Ella Yelich-O’Connor (aka Lorde) kept things laidback for her hit “Royals” and got a little riled up for new song, “White Teeth Teens.”


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Watch Lorde Talk About Miley Cyrus, the Haters & Not Knowing About the ’90s

Lorde talks about how she wrote her hit song, “Royals,” in an hour, loving HAIM and having no idea who Stone Temple Pilots are.


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Stream Lorde’s Very Personal Debut Album ‘Pure Heroine’

“So much has happened in my life and I really want the album to reflect those changes and experiences,” she said.


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Listen: Lorde Reps Hard For Underdogs on New Single ‘Team’

In the follow-up to “Royals” (now at No. 3 on the Hot 100), Lorde is speaking up for the underdog.


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Lorde Announces Album, Becomes First Woman In 17 Years To Reach No. 1 On Alt Chart

Lorde hasn’t even released a proper album yet, but she’s already reached No. 1. Universal announced today that the album would be out Sept. 30.