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New Music To Know: Dej Loaf Puts Detroit on the Map, Again

A shout out from Drake. A remix with Remy Ma. A spot on a new Detroit-centric Eminem track. Well-earned comparisons to Kendrick Lamar. DeJ Loaf is the hottest new thing in hip-hop. And it only took four months to get there.

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New Music to Know: Sam Hunt Combines His Love For Usher & Steve Earle on Debut ‘Montevallo’

On his debut, Hunt blends country and R&B to make his own kind of music. A kind of music that could easily be played on the radio alongside Drake and Ed Sheeran, both of whom have crossed the genre lines.


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New Music To Know: Teyana Taylor is the Young R&B Diva, Seven Years in the Making

From My Super Sweet 16 to Pharrell to Kanye, Teyana Taylor has leveraged her diva status to work with the top tier of hip hop. Now, it’s her turn to shine.


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New Music to Know: Kiesza Is the Chameleon of Pop

For years, Us Weekly has been trying to convince us that stars are just like us, but Kiesza is clearly different from you and me. She’s just too nice to admit it.


(Credit: Def Jam)

New Music To Know: Vince Staples Finds Inspiration In His Gangsta Past

Staples’ songs arrest his audience’s imagination like vivid short films. In a world of copies, he’s undeniably an original.


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New Music to Know: The Eeries Make a Name For Themselves, With a Little Help From Rock Radio

One can’t help but wonder if the guys of The Eeries purposely tried to make it extremely hard for anyone to discover their band. Or, if it was an accidental business model that has just so happened to pay off.


(Credit: C. Taylor Crothers)

New Music to Know: Josh Abbott Band Bring Beer & Two-Stepping to Concert Halls Everywhere

On a regular Tuesday night in New York City earlier this month, country music fans were seen two-stepping along to the Josh Abbott Band. According to the frontman, that’s just a normal night at a Josh Abbott show.


(Norman Wong)

New Music to Know: Lowell Is the Feminist Pop Star We’ve All Been Waiting For

Like parents who try to sneak vegetables into their kids’ desserts, Lowell uses bubblegum pop beats to make her songs about sexism easier to digest. Especially for those who would rather be dancing to Britney Spears.


(Gomillion & Leupold)

New Music To Know: Tinashe is an R&B Singer on the Verge

When Tinashe says she wants to share a “female perspective” with her listeners, she means her music has a point of view that is both young and female. Unfortunately, some people are not quite ready for this POV. Not that Tinashe cares.


(Sonya Jasinski, Norman Wong, Def Jam, Interscope, Gomillion & Leupold, David McClister, IAMSOUND, Cam Kirk)

New Music to Know: 8 Artists You’ll Need To Know This Fall

Grab a pumpkin-spice latte and get ready to upgrade your playlists.


(Courtesy: New West Records)

New Music to Know: With a Washboard and Spoon, the Ben Miller Band Go Their Own Musical Way

A washboard miked up and plugged in to be used as an electric instrument is not something you’d expect to see at a rock concert. But for the Ben Miller Band it’s a regular staple — and crowd pleaser — at their live shows.


Shawn Mendes

New Music to Know: Shawn Mendes Vines His Way to Pop Stardom

For the emerging teen pop star, music stardom is coming six seconds at a time.


(Courtesy of Columbia Records)

New Music To Know: Ella Henderson Is Coming For America

The Brit got her start back in 2012 when she appeared on UK’s The X Factor. She ended up coming in sixth, but don’t feel sorry for her, she’s got her sights on a much bigger prize: America.


(Courtesy of Epic Records)

New Music To Know: Meghan Trainor Doesn’t Care if You’re Ready For This Jelly

For most music fans, Trainor seemed to come completely out of nowhere, but in actuality she’s been making music since she was 13 years old, producing her self-penned tracks with GarageBand on the Macintosh she begged her dad to buy her.


Sturgill Simpson

New Music to Know: Sturgill Simpson’s ‘Metamodern’ Country Is Turning Heads, Including Zac Brown’s

Zac Brown tapped the country newcomer to open his arena shows this summer, and it turns out that David Byrne is also a fan.


(Courtesy of Astralwerks Records)

New Music to Know: Lemaitre Brings Indie-Pop Sensibilities & Some Scientific Theories to the Dance Floor

Songs like “Blue Shift” and the new “High Tide” show Lemaitre is comfortably planted at the intersection of dance music, indie and pop.




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