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Sam Outlaw Takes on California Country: New Music to Know

Sam Outlaw stands out for being different and for this reason, he hopes he can turn new fans onto country music. His Ry Cooder-produced debut, Angeleno, comes out June 9.


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Kelsea Ballerini on Her New Album, Taylor Swift & Staying ‘Positive': New Music to Know

When Kelsea Ballerini began writing songs at 13, she had no idea the music she was writing was country. Then she discovered Keith Urban and Taylor Swift.


Towkio press photo

New Music To Know: Towkio is For the Children of Chicago

Bringing people together is important for this half Mexican, half Japanese rapper from Chicago.


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New Music to Know: Life of Dillon Set the Sound of Summer with ‘Overload’

With ‘Overload,’ British pop trio Life of Dillon may already have the song of summer 2015. And summer is still a month away.


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New Music to Know: Old Dominion is the Band Writing Today’s Country Hits

Old Dominion’s experience as songwriters writing for Dierks Bentley, The Band Perry & Tyler Farr has helped them land a major career boost—opening for Kenny Chesney’s Big Revival Tour.


LunchMoney Lewis

New Music to Know: LunchMoney Lewis Wants To Make Your Life More Fun

The man behind “Bills” wants to make music that hinges on something more than a great hook. “I want to make music that people feel like they connect with,” he says. “I really want to make music for everybody.”


American Wrestlers

New Music To Know: As American Wrestlers, a Scotsman Moves to the Midwest and Finds Freedom in Anonymity

“The whole record is so personal. I was avoiding this when I was talking to journalists before. I was avoiding the idea that any of it was personal at all.”


allie x sunglasses

New Music to Know: Allie X Is a Mystery, Even to Herself

Allie X does not want you to know much about her. Perhaps, because she’s still trying to figure out who exactly Allie X is herself.


Courtney Barnett

New Music to Know: Courtney Barnett Makes the Mundane Come Alive

Courtney Barnett’s songs focus on the boring things in her life. The things the average person tends to overlook, but she somehow makes sound poetic.


Justin Davis and Sarah Zimmermann of Striking Matches

New Music to Know: Nashville’s Striking Matches Have Guitars and Know How to Use Them

Striking Matches’ debut album ‘Nothing but the Silence’ shows that amazing things happen when Sarah Zimmermann and Josh Davis put their voices—and their guitars—together.


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New Music to Know: Smallpools Want to Make Your Karaoke Dreams Come True

Smallpools frontman Sean Scanlon admits he was once a karaoke hater. It wasn’t until he moved to Los Angeles that he learned to appreciate the high that you can get singing in front of people—even if you’re not singing your own songs.


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New Music To Know: Ryn Weaver, a Pop Star For the Rest of Us

“I’m not a poster child,” Ryn Weaver says. “I’m not a creation that’s going to be making one type of music for any extended period.”


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New Music To Know: MisterWives Leave Their Ego at the Door

MisterWives’ debut LP exhibits the many elements that make up the band’s collective musical personality: a bit of rocksteady reggae, a dash of Broadway balladeering, a splash of EDM and heaping helpings of neon-tinted new wave.


Catfish and the Bottlemen Kathleen

New Music to Know: Catfish and the Bottlemen Want to Sell Out

The band’s debut LP, The Balcony, has just been released stateside, with the single , “Kathleen” starting to receive a big radio push. And they’re already calling themselves “sell outs.” Whatever that means.


Seinabo Sey Younger

New Music to Know: Seinabo Sey Is a Pop Star Who is Wise Beyond Her 24 Years

Swedish singer Seinabo Sey may be just 24 years old, but her music has a level of maturity and introspection not usually offered by songs in rotation on the radio. Where her song ‘Younger’ is right now.


BØRNS emerald pools

New Music to Know: The Magic of Børns

Børns lives in a tree house, was once a magician and recently had a whale pun-filled chat with Taylor Swift. And right now, he’s making some of the best pop music around.