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Ed Sheeran Talks Poptimism, Exciting Teen Girls and Music Taste

Ed Sheeran is probably the most affable pop star on the planet. Possibly in the history of pop music.


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Style Files: How Carla Bruni Creates Her On-Stage Look

Carla Bruni is a woman known for many things: she’s been a model, she’s been the first lady of France and right now she is a folk musician.


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Interview: Aloe Blacc Talks Immigration, Big Ambitions and Guest Appearances

“We must remember, this nation was built on people who were forced, and brought here to work. Without these workers, things would fall apart pretty quickly.”


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Interview: Rhett Miller of the Old 97′s Curses His Way Into His 40s

We talked to Miller via phone to find out his thoughts on the back of the tour bus, “bro-country” and his drink of choice. What you should take away is that dating someone in a band, even in their 40s, is a real crap shoot.


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Interview: Joey Bada$$ Stays Focused and ‘Swerves With the Snakes’

What do you expect from a 19 year old rapper? Joey Bada$$ thinks you should expect more.


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Interview: Iggy Azalea On Fame, ‘Fancy’ and the Unattractively Talented

Iggy Azalea made time to talk to us about her appearance in ‘Vogue’, identifying with Cher from ‘Clueless’ and how many unattractive but talented people she knows.


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Interview: The Oak Ridge Boys on the Atomic Bomb

For most people, the first thought that pops to mind when you say the words the Oak Ridge Boys is that bass chorus on their hit single “Elvira”: “Giddy up, oom poppa, omm poppa, mow mow.”


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Interview: Neil Young Says Pono Is ‘a Revelation’ Because You Can ‘Hear Everything’

“Instead of just being able to recognize what song it is and hear the melody and hear the words,” Young told of Pono, his high-end digital audio system, ” you’re actually feeling all of the music the way the artist mixed it in the studio. That’s where the magic is.”


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Interview: Kylie Minogue Talks Sex, Pliés, and her New Album ‘Kiss Me Once’

Fresh off a performance on The Echo Music Awards and landing a number one for the remix of “Into the Blue,” Kylie caught up for a few minutes from London, where she is currently a judge on The Voice: UK.


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Interview: Mariah Carey Directed Her Own Underwater Shots in ‘You’re Mine (Eternal)’ Video

This video around, Mariah and crew went to the nearby El Yungue National Rain Forest to shoot and ended up with the look of a Mariah-shaped mermaid on the Puerto Rican oceanfront, covered in gold glitter and swathed in etherial gold cloth.


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Interview: Bastille Is Not a Rock Band

“I don’t think we think of ourselves as anything in particular,” singer Dan Smith says. “We don’t see ourselves as a rock band. We don’t see ourselves as a pop band.”


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New Music To Know: Drowners Do it All For Love on Self-Titled Debut

One part jangly guitar riffs à la The Smiths and one part disheveled punk, the Drowners love-filled debut is a testament to the gritty New York reality that’s helped craft perfect pop songs for generations.


(FRANCOIS GUILLOT/AFP/Getty Images) Inside Out: Decoding Kanye West’s Rants

Upon close examination of several Kanye West interviews it becomes clear that all the man really wants is a chance to prove himself in the world of fashion design.



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