Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons is the Benevolent Dictator We've Been Waiting For"Democracy is wonderful, but it's messy. A benevolent dictator is the most effective way of running a country."
Gene Simmons: Not Guilty of Anything Other Than Not Knowing How Wi-Fi WorksHe breathes fire but is only now learning what a firewall is.
Police Search Gene Simmons' Home, Family Not SuspectsSimmon's rep told that police visited the home to discuss a crime that may have occurred on the property last year.
Gene Simmons is Making a Horror Movie with the WWEBetween his tongue and his take on America, Gene Simmons has been giving us nightmares for year. So, maybe it's not so much of a stretch to hear he's getting into the horror movie business.
Gene Simmons of KISS Tells Jeffrey Hayzlett: 'Lack of Money is the Root of All Evil!'Gene likes corporations. And Taylor Swift. Hippies? Not so much.
Gene Simmons: 'You Can't Sugarcoat' Judging TV Singing Competitions"We want to create superstars, not just singers that get record deals," Simmons said.
Former KISS Songwriter Stephen Coronel Arrested for Child PornographyCoronel was a member of Wicked Lester, the pre-KISS band featuring Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, as well as a co-writer on songs from KISS' early catalog.
Gene Simmons: Ray Rice Should Go to Jail and Become 'Somebody's Girlfriend'"My opinion is, if he was in jail for a day and became somebody’s girlfriend maybe he’d knew what abuse is life, but that’s another story."
Gene Simmons to Preside Over Wannabe Rock Bands in New Reality/Competition Show 'Coliseum'Band will vie for the God of Thunder's thumbs-up.
Hey Gene Simmons, Here's 10 Great Artists Who Debuted Since 1983 We can agree to disagree with your point, Gene, that only Nirvana measures up to the iconic artists of rock’s first three decades. Here’s a list of some others. Pay attention.
Gene Simmons: Rock is 'Finally Dead,' Killed by Entitled, White Middle- and Upper-Class Young PeopleHuman headline generator Gene Simmons sat down with his son Nick Simmons to talk about the music industry's issues.
KISS Sued By Concert Security Guard After Slipping on Wet Confetti The guard is suing Gene Simmons and company for "injuries, loss of wages and other unspecified damages.”

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