Aimee Mann

(Courtesy of Michael Penn)

Interview: Michael Penn on Scoring ‘Girls,’ ‘Masters of Sex’ and Why the Music Business Is ‘F—ed’

Taking time away from working on Masters of Sex, Penn spoke with about his favorite musical moments on Girls, the 25th anniversary of his debut single, “No Myth” and why we may never see him get onstage with his wife, Aimee Mann again.


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Pop Stars and Musicians in Their 2013 Halloween Costumes

Celebrities went all out this year, what with their resources and their Instagram accounts. Here are some of our favorite costumes from the year, from vampires to of course Miley Cyrus and Ellen Degeneres as Nicki Minaj.


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6 Things We *Didn’t* Learn from Al Jourgensen’s Memoir

Wait, Al got Ian MacKaye to break edge?