Davey Havok (Courtesy Clint Carney)

Davey Havok Seeks Fan Support for New Film, ‘The Violent’

AFI frontman Davey Havok and a pair of filmmakers are seeking fan support to jump start production for ‘The Violent’, a feature film about the 90s punk scene.


Davey Havok (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Listen to AFI’s Davey Havok & Jade Puget’s New Straight Edge Band XTRMST

AFI’s Davey Havok and Jade Puget have confirmed rumors that the hardcore band XRTMST is indeed their creation.


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Linkin Park Announces Carnivores Tour with Thirty Seconds To Mars & AFI

Linkin Park, Thirty Seconds To Mars and AFI held a press conference today (March 4) at Milk Studios in Hollywood, CA to announce this summer’s Carnivores Tour.


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The Top 12 Reasons KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas Show Ruled

Having 24 years of experience in rolling out the show, the KROQ Christmas charity benefit party was thick with highlights (even Miley Cyrus had to check out the scene), which are boiled down here into the top 12 moments that made the weekend rule.


Vampire Weekend (Photo: Steve Jenner)

Top 8 Moments at Live 105’s Not So Silent Night (Day 1)

Live 105’s Not So Silent Night kicked off last night (Dec. 6) at Oakland’s Oracle Center, marking the first half of the massive holiday festival. The top-shelf lineup for the first night featured Capital Cities, AFI, Arctic Monkeys, Queens of the Stone Age, Vampire Weekend, and last but certainly not least, Kings of Leon.


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Radio Feedback: Davey Havok Was Fooled by His Own Voice During AFI’s Radio Debut

The first time Davey Havok heard his song on the radio he was driving through San Francisco trying to get away from the nu-metal craze. Luckily, he landed on Live 105.


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Interview: Davey Havok ‘Disappointed’ About AFI’s New Album ‘Burials’

Davey Havok is disappointed with his band’s latest album, ‘Burials,’ but it has nothing to do with the music.



New Releases: Katy Perry, DJ Rashad, Brandy Clark, AFI, Best Coast, Omar Souleyman

Out there this week: Niche dance music from Chicago, a Syrian wedding singer, and a young country star all turn in top-shelf releases. Meanwhile, Katy Perry and AFI turn in bloated but fun albums.


Davey Havok (Mark Metcalfe/
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Watch AFI’s Davey Havok Cover INXS Alongside Dear Boy

During a cover of INXS’ hit “Don’t Change,” Los Angeles act Dear Boy surprised fans last night (September 24) with a surprise guest appearance by AFI singer Davey Havok.


Fall30_Featured’s 30 Most Anticipated Fall Albums

With Yeezus season behind us, we can now focus on autumn’s real raison d’être: fuzzy cardigans and new albums.


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5 Directions AFI Could Go On Their New Album, ‘Burials’

“This record is of silence, of burials, and the burials that result from that silence,” frontman Davey Havok said of AFI’s new album. “It’s of betrayal, cruelty, weakness, anxiety, panic – deep and slow – despair, injury and loss. And in this it is shamefully honest and resolutely unforgiving.”


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AFI Releases Smoky ‘I Hope You Suffer’ Video

The stark, black and white clip forfeatures Davey Havok (clad in a studded black leather jacket) and the band performing the intense, slow-burning new song amidst billowing plumes of smoke.


(Courtesy of Republic Records)

AFI Announces Release Date For ‘Resolutely Unforgiving’ New Album, ‘Burials’

After teasing their latest single, “I Hope You Suffer,” late last week, AFI officially announced a September 22 release date for their new album, Burials.


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AFI Releases New Single ‘I Hope You Suffer,’ Off Upcoming Ninth Album

The industrial-influenced song, which was posted to the band’s website today (July 18), comes nearly four years since their last effort, 2009’s ‘Crash Love.’


AFI (Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)

New Record Deal, September Album On Deck For AFI

As announced today (June 27), alt-rockers AFI have inked a deal with Universal Republic Records that will power their ninth full-length studio album due this September.


AFI's Davey Havok (Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

AFI To Release New Album This September

Big news for fans of popular post-hardcore punk group AFI. Today (April 17) the band announced through a dramatic video that they will be releasing a new album in September 2013.