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Kristian Bush

Kristian Bush Says Solo Album ‘Southern Gravity’ Will Be a Discovery Process

With his new solo album ‘Southern Gravity,’ Sugarland’s Kristian Bush hopes is to cast a spell that feels “a little bit like sunshine.”

17 hours ago

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Interview: Kelly Clarkson Loves Country But ‘Will Always Make Pop Records’

She also talks about recording while pregnant, and reveals what famous Broadway role she’d love to play.


Thompson Square trans am

Interview: Thompson Square on Their Bold New Music: ‘It’s Very Rocking’

Thompson Square’s “Trans Am” is a bold new song with a heavy-hitting sound that’s unlike anything they’ve previously released.


Jason Isbell guitar

Interview: Jason Isbell on Songwriting, Touring and What We Can Expect on His Upcoming Album

Isbell talks about songwriting, his recording process (which he’s just wrapping up), the power of observation and when he’ll likely drop his new album.


(We Are the Rhodes/Atlantic Records)

Death Cab for Cutie Leave It All Behind

Lurking in background of their album ‘Kintsugi’ are the pieces of Ben Gibbard’s recent past: Los Angeles, Zooey Deschanel and Chris Walla, as Death Cab For Cutie tries to remain the biggest little indie rock band in the world.


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