Azealia Banks on RZA: ‘I Can’t be Represented by Some Chump’

By Amanda Wicks

Besides a statement from her manager, Azealia Banks has largely remained quiet about what went down in a hotel suite party Russell Crowe hosted last weekend. Crowe and guests alleged Banks threatened them, so he removed her from the hotel room. Banks has a far different story though, saying Crowe choked her, spit on her and called her the ‘n’ word.

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TMZ‘s cameras caught up with Banks, who stuck by her claims, also stating that she did nothing to provoke Crowe. She never threatened anybody at the party, and she didn’t smash her glass. “When men are making jokes, you’re not supposed to add jokes and be funny,” she said. “You know, there was a lot of trying to put me in my place that kinda backfired, ya know. I’m just as quick and witty and sharp and whatever.”

When asked what she thought about the fact that every other party attendee was siding with Crowe, she responded, “What do I say? S—, If I did something f—ed up at my party and nine witnesses were there, of course they’re going to side with me. Of course they’re going to lie for me. Duh.” RZA, who invited Banks to the party, was one of the party guests who allegedly didn’t stand up for her, and Banks said she wasn’t surprised. “No, because RZA doesn’t have that much clout, he doesn’t have that much clout in a room full of real, like, high-powered Hollywood white men,” she explained.

According to Banks, RZA just “stood there like a chump.” RZA was supposed to be signing Banks, but after this incident she said she’s over any potential deal. “I’m not signing s—. If these guys can chump you out like that, you know, that’s not somebody I need to attach myself to. I’m strong enough on my own,” she said, adding, “I can’t be represented by some chump.”

As for the battery report she allegedly filed against Crowe, Banks said to stay tuned.


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