Trent Reznor: Nine Inch Nails Record May Arrive in 2016

Reznor teased the prospect of new music by year's end.

By Hayden Wright

The clock is running out on a rumored 2016 Nine Inch Nails record: With just a few months left in the year, fans on social media have gotten antsy about the prospects of hearing new material from Trent Reznor and company. One Instagram user asked Reznor, “What’s the word on new NIN for 2016 like you said?”

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“2016 is not over yet,” the frontman replied, stirring speculation that before New Year’s Eve, we might actually get a new release.

The band’s last album Hesitation Marks debuted in 2013, and a handful of live EPs, bootlegs, and remix records have dropped since then — but no new material. Since winning an Oscar for The Social Network score in 2011, Reznor and longtime collaborator Atticus Ross have pursued more film scoring credits for David Fincher films like Gone Girl.

Meanwhile, Nine Inch Nails fans can repeat Reznor’s mantra quietly to themselves: “2016 is not over yet.”


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