Tyler the Creator Changes Dirty Twitter Handle

The rapper has settled on something a little less objectionable.

By Hayden Wright

Tyler the Creator, who came to prominence as a provocative leader of the collective Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, had a Twitter handle to match his antics: @f—tyler.

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Like his work and public statements, the handle was vulgar, beyond the boundaries of taste, and impossible to print in many forms of mainstream media. OFWGKTA confirmed in May that its members are off doing their own things, and one thing on Tyler’s agenda appears to be a social media rebrand.

You can now follow the controversial rapper as @tylerthecreator. Tyler didn’t explain what prompted the change, but tweeted a simple “RIP” message for @f—tyler. Whether it’s a sign of creative evolution or just a shrewd play for mainstream recognition, we’re interested to see where @tylerthecreator is heading.



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