Tory Lanez on His Father, the Minister

"I've seen my dad heal people from sickness. I've seen my dad raise people from wheelchairs."

By Brian Ives

Today (August 19) Tory Lanez releases his highly anticipated debut album, I Told You, which already features two hit singles, “Say It” and “Luv.”

His influences are wide and varied, from the Notorious B.I.G. to Prince, but in a recent interview with he discussed a very different influence: namely, his father.

“My dad is a missionary preacher,” he says. “So, he went all around the world and preached. He wasn’t the guy who was at the local church on Sundays, he was going around the world, healing people. I watched him minister, and the way he would do things. For a long time, when I was a kid, I couldn’t understand it. As I got older, the influence that my dad had, the way he spoke to people, plays a big part in the type of person that I am and the type of confidence that I have.”

And, Lanez says, his father’s missions go beyond just promoting his religion. “I think it’s a little deeper than just converting people to Christianity, it’s allowing people to understand that there’s God in the world. There’s hope in the world. People don’t understand that they can be healed. I’ve seen my dad heal people from sickness. I’ve seen my dad raise people from wheelchairs who people said would never walk again. I’ve seen it. I’m not gonna act like I didn’t see it, I saw it. That played a really big role in my life.”

“He was a rolling stone before me. They had a group, before he was even preaching. And he was in the entertainment world before me. He said, ‘Look, I did do this. And you can do it too, but understand when you do do this, this is what happens.”

In Lanez’s case, it’s the release of one of the most highly anticipated debuts of the year.  I Told You is out now.


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