Justin Moore Mixes New and Traditional Country on ‘Kinda Don’t Care’

"We didn't use loops, even live, until last year. I was against it. 'We're gonna play our instruments!' But now we've added some of that to the show."

By Brian Ives

On Friday (August 12), Justin Moore released his latest album, Kinda Don’t Care, which he could have titled “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Tape Loops.”

He tells Radio.com that, for a long time, he was against using the loops and samples that are prevalent in a lot of county music today. “We didn’t use loops, even live, until last year. I was against it. ‘We’re gonna play our instruments!’ But now we’ve added some of that to the show,” he says, noting that none of the samples are backing vocals. “It’s fun to tinker with that stuff, it’s fun and I think it increases the value of the show.”

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He’s also used some more modern gear in the studio on Kinda Don’t Care. “I had apprehensions about some of the ‘tricks,’ if you will, that we pulled off in the studio this time. But my producer [Jeremy Stover] said to me, ‘Man, as long as you’re happy with it and enjoy it and love it, the fans are going to as well. You need to not worry about this so much.’ And that’s kind of where Kinda Don’t Care came from. That made sense to me. I said, ‘You know what? He’s right.'”

He didn’t write the title track, but it fit in perfectly with his theme for this album. “The song is one that I had on hold for a couple of years. It may come off a little nonchalant and lackadaisical, but on this album we were really trying to marry that stone-cold country side of what I do, which my music is rooted in, with a more modern sound. We gotta try to keep up with these young cats who are starting now, who have ‘hip-ed’ it up a little. It was our goal to marry those ideas together as seamlessly as we possibly could. And I hope we did that.”

He notes that technology isn’t as second-nature to him as it is to the younger country artists. “I’m [from] a different generation from these guys who are starting out now. We’ve done it for almost a decade now. It’s hard to believe we’ve been doing it for that long. When I first started, country music sounded different than it does right now. [His 2008 hit] ‘Small Town, U.S.A.,’ I don’t know if that would be a hit today.”

While Moore points out that he’s never, ever logged onto Facebook, he’s aware that some fans don’t approve of his use of new studio technology:   “There’s always complaints and gripes. I want everyone to do what they want to do. Be happy, be successful. As long as you are genuine in what you do and with the story you’re telling, I’m good with it. Be who you are, and be what you are.”

“I think that’s one of the main reasons that we’ve been successful, and are around to make a fourth album: people know that when I tell them something, they can believe it. They may not agree with it, but they believe that I truly mean it, and that matters.”



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