David Nail on His Real Life ‘Babies’

Three months after his twins were born, "Babies" (the song) came to life.

By Brian Ives 

David Nail’s latest album, Fighter, saw the country singer-songwriter going deep, emotionally speaking. Among the subjects on the record is his and his wife’s newborn twins. After struggling to conceive, the pair were blessed with twins. And that experience inspired the song “Babies.”

“‘Babies’ was born about three months after my kids were born,” Nail tells Radio.com. “I just went out for breakfast one morning. The night before, I’d kind of reflected some, and got maybe slightly emotional. I went out for breakfast by myself. I wanted some time away to think about some things, and I texted a good friend of mine, Scooter Carusoe, who I co-wrote the song with, and Lee Miller. And I said, ‘Hey, I think I’m finally ready to write a song about my kids.'”

Surprisingly to Nail, Carusoe anticipated this. “He wrote back immediately and said, ‘I’ve already started on it.’ It just took my breath away. Not because I was excited, but because I was afraid. I had not talked to him about anything about the song, what I wanted to say, the direction I wanted to go. It kind of scared me that he had already started. And so, we agreed to meet the next day, and we sat down and he had literally already crafted the first verse. It was just a matter of completing the story.”

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He continues, “Lee came in; it was really important for me to write the song with those two people, because more so than anyone else in town, they know my story and what we’ve been through, and have kind of been through some of the same issues themselves, so it was important to have them in the room.”

“It was a very simple song, and there wasn’t a whole lot of rocket science to it. It’s pretty much, word for word, our story. It’s obviously a gift from God — just like my kids were.”

How did his wife react to the news that he’d written about their struggle? “I told her that day that we’d written a song, but I didn’t play it for her until we were done recording it. And actually, I wasn’t meaning to [even] then. She had found a copy of the record that I had taken home, and of course I laid it on the kitchen table, which was the worst mistake. So, she found it and then she asked me if it was OK [to listen to it].  I said, ‘Well, you’ve got it in your hand, it’s gonna be hard for me to stop you.’ I wasn’t in town. I’m sure it was emotional for her to hear; I mean, I know it was.”

However, he has no regrets about putting the song out into the world: “I’ve always said the more open and honest you are about things, [the better]. Obviously you get a lot of feedback, and people were inspired by it. And they may have gone through the same things. But more so than anything, I think it helps you to tell your story and everything you’ve been through. It was one of many stories on the record that were initially kind of tough to sing about, but obviously like anything else, the more comfortable you get, the better you are at it.”

David Nail is currently on the road. Never miss one of his dates with Eventful. 


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