A Day To Remember’s Kevin Skaff Boasts Hilariously Long Fry

The fast food delight was discovered by Stephen, Kevin's father

By Radio.com Staff

So, it’s not exactly news. But… A Day To Remember guitarist Kevin Skaff shared what could be one of the longest curly fries ever. The fast food delight was discovered by Stephen, Kevin’s father after bringing home an order from Arby’s. See his photo below.

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As impressive as Stephen’s fry is, it pales in comparison to another Arby’s fry discovered by Hannah Odom of Hendersonville, SC. According to FoodFacts, “when she reached in to eat one of the curly fries, she couldn’t get it out of the package.” After carefully extracting the fry from the box, Odom unfurled and measured it. Coming in at a whopping 24 inches. Sadly, Odom’s won’t break the world record either. That Guiness World Record for longest fry is is held by a 38 inch long Arby’s fry found by Kim Medford of Waynesville, N.C. “This experience has been ‘fry-tastic’ and I’m excited about the opportunity to share my story,” Medford said.

Why all the long curly fries from Arby’s? According to World Record Academy, “a spokeswoman said the restaurant chain does have a standard “cut size” for its curly fries, but not for the length. ‘Typically, the packaging, transportation and cooking process naturally breaks up the fries into smaller pieces, but not always.'”


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