Drake’s Music Gets ‘The Simpsons’ Treatment

By Amanda Wicks

Drake‘s “Started From the Bottom” got a little cartoonish on Sunday evening (February 21nd) when The Simpsons used the song in a montage for Bart’s new found wealth.

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Bart takes in a homeless woman, who agrees to pay him $1 a day in rent. When she gives him one week in advance, he takes that money and goes on a shopping spree at the $.98 store, among other dollar-worthy extravagances like buying coleslaw during school lunch.

Who better to capture that kind of financial rags to riches story than Drake? Comedy Central’s Broad City also used “Started From the Bottom” during an episode to showcase a character’s similar financial rise.

Drake seems well suited for The Simpsons, so much so that one fan got a tattoo of Bart Simpsons as Drake back in May 2015 (via MTV News).

GET WHAT YOU GET #drake #gwyg

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