5 Best Songs On Rihanna’s ‘ANTI’

By Radio.com Staff

Rihanna has taken cues from some of the most legendary pop stars by constantly reinventing herself and sound. In her latest incarnation, Rihanna fashions herself as an alternative pop R&B badass going through the perils of love and self discovery. This isn’t the album for casual fans who’ve latched on to her singles, but never took the time to digest a full body of work from the Bajan bombshell. However, ANTI is Rihanna at her most vulnerable and self-assured.

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After listening to ANTI, we decided to give you the five best songs from the Grammy Award winner’s eighth album. Check out our favorite tracks below.


For the album’s opener, Rihanna calls upon talented singer-songwriter SZA for a bass-heavy song full of cocky boasts and island patois. Rih Rih and SZA come to terms with their men never being able to respect them. The pair leave but not before dropping the coolest line of the song, “Let me cover yo s**t in glitter. I can make it gold.”

“Kiss It Better”

The guitar-ladden finds Rihanna fighting with her lover and missing him when he leaves. She begs him to tell her what the issue is. His pride gets in the way of their emotional and physical connection. The pop star demands he leaves his pride behind and probes to find just how far he’s willing to go to make everything better.

“Needed Me”

Rihanna has to check a dude who becomes a Stage 5 clinger after getting intimate with Rihanna. Over a DJ Mustard production, Rihanna tells the jilted lover he was never intended to be anything more than a fun fling. She sings, “I told you I was a savage. F**k a white horse and a carriage.” Like Jay Z said, ladies are pimps too.

“Same Ol’ Mistakes”

This song is Rihanna dealing with doubts as she finally becomes happy with the changes she’s as a woman. While she’s happy she’s in love, a little voice in the back of her head keeps reminding her she always messes things up when they’re going well. The twenty something decides to ignore those doubts and love with an open heart and see what happens.

“Love On The Brain”

“Love On the Brain” might be the most important song when it comes to showcasing Rihanna’s evolution as a singer. She’s known for her raspy and robust vocals. On this song, Rihanna sings at the top of her register and it’s refreshing to hear something different than what fans are used to. She easily switches from her falsetto to her full-bodied alto. Her vocals shine partly because the sixties-sounding R&B ballad proves there is power in vulnerability.




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