Guns N’ Roses Are Getting the Biopic Treatment

By Marissa G. Muller

Guns N’ Roses have had a wild 25-year run so it was just a matter of time before someone from Hollywood approached the group to make their biopic, and that time has come.

Tinseltown will be adapting the 2008 authorized biography on the band, Reckless Road: Guns N’ Roses and the Making of Appetite for Destruction, written by Marc Canter, now owner of Canter’s Delicatessen on Fairfax in Los Angeles, where the band spent a lot of time during their early days.

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“No short cuts, it will be very detailed,” Canter said of the film in a message posted on GNR’s message board. “I do have a big say so on the script which is still being put together now but so far looking cool. I am going to see that everyone in the cast is doing their job and doing justice to the band. Since I was there, I know what the dialog was between the band for many of the events that took place. When you find out who is making the movie, you will then understand that it will be very cool.

“I’m proud of all the hard work that was put into this project and it’s just going to KICK A**! In no way will it be a cheesy movie like Rock Star. There really is such a great story here that even the outtakes will be great.”

It’s worth noting that Axl Rose will not be involved in the production: “As you all know Axl doesn’t support anything to do with the old band except playing their songs live,” Canter wrote.

More details have yet to be released.




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