Kid Cudi: What’s Lupe Fiasco Doing with the Money from His Personalized Verses?

By Courtney E. Smith

Why text someone when you could ask them over Twitter while millions of followers watch?

After yesterday’s announcement that Lupe Fiasco would write personalized verses for anyone for $500, Kid Cudi tweeted his contemporary to ask a question: what was he doing with the money, would any be donated to charity? Fiasco replied that he was doing “[t]he same thing that I do with the money from my non-personalized verses,” but offered no elaboration on what exactly that was — the obvious assumption being he was keeping the money.

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Cudi found that objectionable.

Fiasco wasn’t taking the bait but did fire back, throwing shade on Cudi’s partnership with shoe designer Guiseppe Zanottis and implying that he was ripping off his fans in his own way.

Cudi didn’t respond to that one and Fiasco pushed it one step further with his final tweet on the matter.

Fiasco followed that one up with a series of subtweets comparing his work to Picasso and calling those who took him up on the $500 offer early adapters, one highlighting an interview with Cudi where he said Fiasco was one of the only people there for him after he got sober and one where he called Cudi a “competitor.”


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