Is This Five Seconds of Kanye West’s Alleged Paul McCartney Collaboration?

By Philip Cosores

Just how thirsty are you for some new music from Kanye West? What about the Kanye West song that is rumored to feature the legendary Sir Paul McCartney? Hopefully really, really thirsty.

A clip has surfaced (via Billboard) from West’s much talked about London appearance at a private club in July and it is literally five seconds of Kanye West saying the title of the expected collaboration, “Piss On Your Grave,” three times. There is hardly any backing music during the clip to gain any sort of idea how Macca fits into the track. This is truly for the desperate, but when it comes to something like West + McCartney, who isn’t desperate?

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Update: the Instagram post has been taken down.

Just when the actual collaboration could surface, or whether it will at all, or whether this is all just our own beautifulĀ dark twisted fantasy, is anyone’s guess. But the first person to add a beat to this clip and leak it as a fake Kanye track gets a high fiveĀ from us.


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