Listen to Ice-T Narrate a Dungeons & Dragons Audiobook

By Ezra Marcus

Is there a more uniquely accomplished triple threat in history as Ice-T?

Sure, rappers go from the studio to the silver screen all the time. But how many stray far enough from the pasture to start recording fantasy audiobooks?

Yep, a dude who once recorded a song called “KKK B***h” is now making ends meet by narrating the tale of Drizzt Do’urden, his moon elf partner Innovindil and the talking sword Khazid’hea.

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Ice-T first announced that he’d be recording an audiobook for Dungeons & Dragons on his podcast, when he complained about the pronunciation of the complex names. It seems like he’s figured that part out, if these clips unearthed by Something Awful are any indication.

The third one is a highlight, with Ice capably voicing both an elf man and an elf woman.

The audiobook, which you can currently download on Audible, also includes voice work from “Weird Al” Yankovic, David Duchovny, Tom Felton and more.


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