Deadmau5 Lashes Out at Trey Songz for Alleged Calvin Harris Rip-Off

By Scott T. Sterling

Deadmau5 is mad as hell at Trey Songz, and he’s not going to take it anymore.

Earlier today (Aug. 18), the notoriously cranky EDM producer tweeted at the R&B superstar with a cryptic message alleging that he’d done something very, very uncool, although he didn’t specify the singer’s supposed offense other than to post a link to Trey Songz’ recent single, “Touchin, Lovin,” taken from his most recent album, Trigga.

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Deadmau5 followed the initial tweet with more thoughts on the track, adding such missives as “why can’t these f–king pop acts just rip off Sandstorm or something?” in reference to Darude’s massive 1999 hit, “Sandstorm,” followed by, “whats this guy worth? a million or 2? even if i had no f–king talent whatsoever, bet i could find a f–king kid to ‘make a beat’ for 500$.’

Amid the Twitter tirade, Deadmau5 also sent a message to fellow EDM hitmaker, Calvin Harris, simply saying, “I’m mad” with a sad-face emoji.

That message led fans to believe that the cause of Deadmau5’s derision is the melody to “Touchin, Lovin” (featuring Nicki Minaj) bearing a resemblance (albeit in slowed-down fashion) to Harris’ 2009 single, “I’m Not Alone,” particularly his own remix of said tune.

Harris tweeted back at Deadmau5, asking him to simply let it go: “it was 2009 and now we’ve moved on to great new things!”

Deadmau5 seems to be bracing himself for what’s to come, tweeting that “I’m buying a whole popcorn CART for this drama.”

Trey Songz has yet to respond to Deadmau5’s accusations, but we too are cooking up some popcorn for what’s gearing up to be a most explosive situation.


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