Statik Selektah Selects Action Bronson for ‘Long Time’: Listen

By Ezra Marcus

Action Bronson is a force of nature.

You’ve heard it before and you’ve heard it again. He fights, he consumes, he exists like a hurricane. He’s pure Dionysian celebrity-obsessed excess. 

“Long Time” finds him lacing a new instrumental from Statik Selektah with boasts so Bronson-ian you think they’re about to start yelling at old people: “The pure oil makes me cough like when the doctor checks my nuts for cancer,” “I’m so ahead of the game I’m playing 3K in a Kufi,” “Roll out of bed to cold marble floors in the summer / I need my bank account long like German phone numbers.”

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Statik Selektah’s beat seems to be forged from the pure essence of ’70s gangster movie soundtracks, piano plinks and horns summoning visions of bodyguards and shady back room deals.

Bronson fits right in; he’s a timeless anti-hero. 

“Long Time” comes off the producer’s upcoming #WhatGoesAround LP, which comes out Aug. 19.


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