Watch Lil Wayne Freestyle Over the ‘SportsCenter’ Theme Song

By Ezra Marcus

Recently Lil Wayne appeared on SportsCenter and gave us those three numbers we’ve been dying for: the release date for The Carter V.

He also took the opportunity to do what he does best, freestyling over the SportsCenter theme song.

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While it may not be his best freestyle of all time (I’d have to give that honor to this one), it’s nonetheless exciting to watch. Wayne kicks off with a rather clever line: ‘I don’t give a football about what you think about Lil Tune / I’m just hoping that it’s good thoughts.”

Then he closes his eyes and unleashes a dense word-flurry: “Live on TV mama told me wear a dress shirt /I nstead I wore a t-shirt, Michael Jordan sneakers / Red Sox ball cap my dread locks fall back / I still think I’m fly, show me where the tarmac?” he asks.

Get excited for Carter V by catching the Drake Vs. Lil Wayne tour, which stops next on Aug. 15 in Cincinnati, Ohio.


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