The Cadillac Three Bring the Party in ‘Party Like You’ Video: Watch

By Annie Reuter

It ain’t no party like a Cadillac Three party.

At least, that’s what their new music video for “Party Like You” proves.

Directed by Brian Lazzaro, the mostly performance video includes a storyline where a guy finds a stack of bills in his newly stolen car, convincing him that he will surely be a hit with the ladies.

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“He’s the guy that comes and does too much partying and tries to take the girls — but we end up with the girls,” singer Jaren Johnston told Rolling Stone Country.

He added that he wrote the song “Party Like You” with the idea of one’s “dream girl” in mind.

“Every guy when they go out, whether they’re a douchebag or a normal good guy, they want to meet that girl. They think they’re going to meet that girl — and you never do. And it definitely ain’t going to happen for the dude in that video.”

In an interview with, Johnston said “Party Like You” was inspired by Ram Jam and their song “Black Betty.”

“I just wanted to have a riff that was very us with this big driving chorus that explained this guy looking for this girl that happens to be a party,” Johnston said. “It just came out. It’s fun to play live because it has a weird time signature in the riff so it throws people off a little bit, but then it brings people back in.”

The Cadillac Three’s sophomore album is due out next year.


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