Kevin Gates Pays Respect to the Don in ‘John Gotti’: Listen


By Ezra Marcus

Kevin Gates loves mobsters. Who doesn’t? Suits, hats, machine guns, rhymes with lobster… any rapper’s dream noun.

After eulogizing Luca Brasi on 2012 mixtape The Luca Brasi Story, Gates has moved on to an even wiser guy: John Gotti, the NYC crime boss nicknamed The Teflon Don for his three high-profile acquittals, who reportedly made hundreds of millions dollars a year from extortion, gambling, money-laundering and the like.

Gates has never sounded so guttural as he does on the first few verses of “John Gotti,” approaching asthmatic levels of throatiness. Get this man some tea, Kermit or otherwise.

After a few raspy bars he shifts back into his regular pitch for a very Gates-ian ode to the pleasures and perils of mobster life: “It ain’t shit to send a hit, call me John Gotti.”

Respect to whoever photoshopped Gate’s face tats on to Gotti for the album art. Surprisingly convincing.

Gates’ last mixtape, By Any Means, came out in March.


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