Joe Strummer’s 1963 Ford Thunderbird Up for Auction

By Marissa G. Muller

Have some extra cash to spare? Like, a lot of cash to spare?

If so, you could soon be the owner of Joe Strummer‘s old 1963 Thunderbird.

Back in 1987 when the late Clash frontman was working in film, acting and writing music for Walker and Straight to Hell, he purchased a 1963 bullet-style, blue Ford T-Bird for $4,200.

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Now that very car, which has been pristinely kept since in a climate controlled garage, is hitting the market.

The Beverly Hills Car Club is auctioning off Strummer’s old whip here, for 10 days, ending on Strummer’s birthday, Thursday, Aug. 21. As far as Clash memorabilia goes, it is pretty much the gold mine.

According to the car club, Strummer used to drive his daughters and long-term girlfriend Gaby Salter to the desert on family vacations and New Mexico, where he went in 1988 to see the Jim Jarmuschs film he starred in Mystery Train at the Santa Fe film festival.

Strummer died in 2002.


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