DMX Returns to the Madness, Takes Another Ride on the Sling Shot: Watch

By Scott T. Sterling

Late last month, DMX entertained the world with a video of him and a friend riding the Sling Shot at the Magical Midway in Orlando, Fla.

Footage of the “Party Up (Up in Here)” rapper screaming his head off during the ride quickly went viral, since pretty much anything he does (including using Google for the first time) is patently hilarious.

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Now, DMX has returned to take on the Sling Shot for his very own web redemption in an effort to prove that an amusement park ride cannot get the best of him.

Once again, the results are video gold (and also with some NSFW language, so proceed with caution).

While the rapper and his pal Damien Sanchez go to great lengths to show that they can indeed handle the Sling Shot (including mentioning that they’d just eaten a meal at the local Buffalo Wild Wings, complete with shots of Hennessy), the pair’s over-the-top screaming seems to indicate otherwise.

Decide for yourself — and enjoy it every step of the way.


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