Brad Paisley Mocks Copyright Lawsuit in New Song ‘High Life’: Listen

By Courtney E. Smith

Brad Paisley’s new track “High Life” is less high than it is…snarky.

The country superstar takes aim at a singer-songwriter who sued him and Carrie Underwood, who sings back up on this track, for copyright infringement on the duet the duo recorded and released in 2011, “Remind Me.”

Rolling Stone reports that Lizza Connor instigated the lawsuit, claiming that the track’s writers, Kelley Lovelace and Chris DuBois, had stolen parts of the song, while DuBois countersued and claimed she “signed a consent agreement at the workshop that would make any such lawsuit illegitimate.”

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“High Life” was written by the same three co-writers as “Remind Me” and takes a verse to poke fun at the lawsuit.

“I heard a song a couple months ago/It was Carrie Underwood on the radio,” Paisley sings. “Reminded me of a poem my brother wrote/Back in the second grade/Now I know she didn’t steal it, but so what?/We lawyered up and we sued her butt/These days we figure we’d pretty much/Get paid to go away.”

“High Life” is on Paisley’s forthcoming album, Moonshine in the Trunk. It hits shelves on Aug. 25.



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