St. Vincent Subbing for Fred Armisen on ‘Late Night’ Next Week

By Philip Cosores

Watch out, Roots, you may have a rival for the coolest musical act in late-night television, at least since G.E. Smith left the SNL Band.

On Monday and Tuesday of next week, August 11 and 12, her holiness St. Vincent will give a spot start as bandleader on Late Night with Seth Meyers, as Fred Armisen apparently can’t work every single day of his life. This is Armisen’s first time giving up the bandleader role since Seth Meyers took over the show in February.

What will St. Vincent have in store? Probably some awesome shredding. Maybe she’ll bring along some of her famous friends. But, really, the sky is the limit for her two days as the biggest reason to watch television.

Meanwhile, The Roots will continue being awesome, in no way afraid of St. Vincent’s history of miraculous performances, their job as the Tonight Show band more secure than your online passwords.

St. Vincent is also on tour this fall with the Black Keys, so if you get to bed at a reasonable hour, there are still options for you.


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