Alan Freed’s Remains Removed from Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as Beyoncé Exhibit Moves In

By Philip Cosores

If you don’t know who DJ Alan Freed is, you are not alone, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was the place for an education.

The DJ credited with coining the term “Rock ‘n’ Roll” had a prominent exhibit in the museum — that is, until today, when his remains were removed from the exhibit, CNN reports.

There is dispute between Freed’s son, Lance, and Executive Director Greg Harris, with Freed claiming the Hall as being disrespectful to his father’s legacy, while Harris claims the DJ will still play a prominent role in the museum — just not his ashes.

It is unclear whether this has to do with a new exhibit that opened just days ago, featuring outfits worn by Beyonce at various stages of her career, including the black leotards she wore in her 2008 “Single Ladies” video.

Harris says that “the museum world is moving away from exhibiting remains,” he said to CNN. “Museum community colleagues across the country agree.”

Harris also notes that the museum’s radio studio is named for him, and many other points in the museum touch back to him.

Fans will be forced to make do with the Beyonce exhibit. Which, you know, is probably pretty awesome.


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