Katy Perry Gets Down with Her Summer Self in ‘This is How We Do’ Video: Watch

By Kevin Rutherford

After the fun-filled “Birthday” video that saw Katy Perry play the parts of multiple party crashers while incognito, “This is How We Do,” her newest music video off Prism, might be seen as a bit more restrained.

That’s not to say the clip, released today (July 31), is droll and uninspired. It may just not be as flashy and colorful as some of Perry’s past videos — but boy, are the colors, costume changes and general poppy goodness still there.

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“This is How We Do” starts with a portrait of Perry in what appears to be a museum as an onlooker sits silently. But once inside the picture, Perry jumps around among multiple sets, from a kitchen setting to playing ping pong.

Along the way, the singer continues to lay out some of her favorite pastimes when she’s doing nothing more but relaxing and hanging out — Mariah Carey karaoke (Mariah Caraoke? Eh, never mind), playing basketball in the sky and hitting up ice cream trucks. The latter involves the image of an animated twerking ice cream confectionary. You’ve been warned.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RMQksXpQSk&w=620&h=349]

In all, “This is How We Do,” directed by Joel Kefali, has a chance at becoming a big hit of the summer — not only because of its catchy chorus and partying lyrics, but also because of the video’s content, featuring all kinds of fun things to do in the hot months of the year.

“This is How We Do” is the newest single off Prism, the fifth overall.


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