Watch Deadmau5 Take Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Out for Coffee in the ‘Purrari’

"This thing is cool, it's unbelievable," said Ford about the Purrari.
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(Courtesy of Deadmau5)

(Courtesy of Deadmau5)

By Scott T. Sterling

Oh, Canada.

Two of Toronto’s most famous residents — EDM star Deadmau5 (AKA Joel Zimmerman) and the city’s controversial mayor, Rob Ford — have come together for one of Deadmau5’s famous coffee runs, and they did in the “Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff” producer’s notorious wrapped Ferarri, better known as the “Purrari.”

“This thing is cool, it’s unbelievable,” said Ford about the Purrari.

Over the course of the drive, Deadmau5 explains to Ford the story behind how the “Purrari” initially came to be, and how he used the Nyan Cat imagery basically on a dare from fans who claimed that he wouldn’t have the audacity to do it.

When Deadmau5 points out a pothole he calls the “widow maker,” Ford takes it to heart and says he’ll have it fixed.

“It’s the broken window theory,” Ford said. “If you can’t fix the little things in the city, how are you going to take care of the little things?”

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They dynamic duo hit up a local Tim Hortons restaurant, which is akin to Canada’s version of Dunkin’ Donuts, where Ford orders five shots of espresso in one cup (“That’s cardiac arrest,” Deadmaus quipped).

Ford gets on Deadmau5’s good side by proclaiming that he’s not a DJ, which of course makes the producer very happy.

Watch the full video of Deadmau5 and Rob Ford here.

When he’s not driving local political luminaries around town for coffee, Deadmau5 is making and performing music around the world, including a recent two-and-a-half hour live set at Las Vegas club XS. Originally shared on his website, the set has been posted to Youtube and can be heard below.


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