Matt Bellamy Promises New Muse Album is ‘Gonna Get Heavy’

By Jay Tilles

While details are scarce about the folloup to Muse‘s album The 2nd Law, frontman Matt Bellamy let it slip last week during a Twitter Q&A that next summer’s release may indeed be a bit more rockin’.

Aware that the biggest hit from last album The 2nd Law came in the form of the ballad “Madness,” Bellamy promised of the new material, “It’s gonna get heavy.

“I have this strong feeling that the next album should be something that really does strip away the additional things that we’ve experimented with on the last two albums, which is electronics, symphonics and orchestral work and all that kind of stuff,” the singer told Rolling Stone in December.

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Meanwhile, Bellamy joked about filling YouTube with classic Muse footage. According to Bellamy’s tweets, the band’s video director Tom Kirk, has been unboxing more than a decade’s worth of archived Muse material at drummer Dominic Howard’s house.

Will the band post this old footage as promised or will it go back into storage for another 15 years as Kirk threatened?


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