Ultra Records Responds to Michelle Phan & Kaskade Copyright Controversy

By Scott T. Sterling

Last week, Youtube fashion celebrity Michelle Phan was hit with a lawsuit for copyright infringement over the use of the label’s music in some of Phan’s wildly popular video clips.

With Kaskade being one of the artists prominently featured in the lawsuit, both Phan and Kaskade responded, with Phan claiming through lawyers that she had full permission to use the music, going on to add that Phan’s popularity helped promote the label and “showcased [them] to an international audience.”

Kaskade showed his support of Phan in the lawsuit with a series of tweets, letting it be known that he was not part of the suit and that he’s a fan of the makeup tutorial star.

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Now, Ultra Records and Ultra International Music Publishing have issued an official statement regarding the controversy through publicists. The statement reads in full:

“When a music artist or songwriter signs to Ultra, it is our responsibility to protect what they have created. Enforcing copyrights is fundamental to the survival of artists, writers and producers, and to Ultra’s ability to continue to invest in and support them, so that they can continue to bring great music to music fans around the world. Whatever Ultra collects enforcing these important rights is shared with its artists according to their agreements.”

At press time, Phan and Kaskade (AKA Ryan Raddon) had yet to respond to Ultra’s press release.

Kaskade did, however, chime in on the recent news regarding the plethora of arrests and intoxicant-related medical incidents at a recent Keith Urban concert in Boston, relating the incident to claims that such situations only occur at EDM shows.

Maybe it’s time Kaskade had a chat with classic rocker Tom Petty about his recent statements on EDM and Electric Daisy Carnival?



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