Spoon’s New Album, ‘They Want My Soul,’ Is Streaming

By Philip Cosores

With its Aug. 5 release date, following a pretty barren July in terms of album releases. it is hard to gain perspective on whether Spoon is beloved by many, or just were the beneficiaries of being an event album when there weren’t many other albums to get excited about.

The great thing about music is, though, that when it reaches the point of free streaming access, the question of Spoon’s importance or impact becomes irrelevant, as anyone interested can judge for themselves.

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iTunes is the recipient of this prized stream, with the other storylines surrounding the album┬ábeing it is their major label debut, Spoon’s first album since Transference in 2010, and a rare moment that the pop critics and the rock critics can kind of have a conversation about something.

You can hear Spoon’s eighth album, They Want My Soul, here.




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