Nicki Minaj to Get Animated on Cartoon Network’s ‘Steven Universe’

By Marissa G. Muller

Some would say that Nicki Minaj‘s many personas were already cartoonish, but now the rapper is taking on that critique with pride as an animated character on TV.

This summer, Minaj will appear as a TV cartoon debut as a character on an episode of Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe dubbed “Coach Steven,” according to TV Guide Magazine.

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Given Minaj’s alpha-female personality and hard-hitting lyrical prowess, you could have guessed that her cartoon character wouldn’t be a passive cameo. Sugilite, to whom Minaj is lending her voice, not only has super-human strength, but is also “a little unstable” as the product of a fusion between two characters Garnet and Amethyst – which could also be said of her in-real-life when she switches between playing her alter-egos Barbie and Roman Zalanski.

This isn’t the first time Minaj will be appearing in cartoon form. In 2012, she played herself on The Cleveland Show and did voicework for Ice Age: Continental Drift.

Minaj’s episode of Steven Universe is scheduled to air Aug. 21.


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