Brad Paisley Goes ‘Rogue,’ Releases Snippets of New Album Without Label Knowing: Listen

By Annie Reuter

Brad Paisley is doing everything he can to leak his new album to his fans.

But his label won’t have it.

Late Saturday (July 26), Paisley took to Twitter to share snippets of the songs off of Moonshine in the Trunk with his fans.

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“I’m going rogue. The label doesn’t know I’m doing this. Seriously. But I made a Moonshine Preview teaser. Don’t tell,” he tweeted.

While he uploaded several teasers, some which were later taken down, fans can listen to the surviving one below. The always comical Paisley went on to post supposed email exchanges with his label, though there’s, of course, the possibility of the ordeal being nothing more than a quick publicity stunt.

Later, he also tweeted out a YouTube link which showcased the chorus to another song on the album called “Crushin’ It,” but it was promptly taken down.

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Then, after promising he won’t be posting any additional songs himself he got friend Ludacris, a co-judge on ABC’s Rising Star, to do his dirty work.

Brad Paisley’s Moonshine in the Trunk will be released on Aug. 26. Until then, follow Paisley on Twitter for the latest.


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