Mr. Big Drummer Pat Torpey Diagnosed with Parkinson’s

By Kevin Rutherford

Mr. Big‘s upcoming world tour in support of their new album will feature much less than usual of one member of the band in particular.

In a statement, the band’s publicist noted today (July 24) that Mr. Big drummer Pat Torpey has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, taking him out of the main roster for the four-piece’s tour behind …The Stories We Could Tell.

“I’ve been dealing with Parkinson’s symptoms for the past couple of years and only recently received a confirmed diagnosis as symptoms worsened,” Torpey noted in a statement. “I intend to fight the disease with same intensity and tenacity that I drum and live my life by and will continue recording and performing, as always, to the best of my ability.”

The band is currently searching for a drummer to replace Torpey, but the founding member of the Los Angeles rock act still plans to perform certain live drumming duties on the tour to the best of his ability.

Mr. Big currently plans to take on a fall tour, starting Oct. 14 in the Philippines. The band has not announced any U.S. tour dates at the moment.

The band will release …The Stories We Could Tell, which will mark eighth record and first since 2011’s What If, this September, Blabbermouth reports. Mr. Big is best known in the U.S. for No. 1 hit “To Be With You,” a major success of 1991.


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