Watch Basement Jaxx Build the Ultimate Twerking Robot in ‘Never Say Never’ Video

By Scott T. Sterling

Pioneering house music heroes Basement Jaxx have returned in grand style, introducing a twerking robot in the bizarre new video for the song “Never Say Never,” featuring on the duo’s comeback album, Junto.

The clip follows a pair of married scientists at “Jaxx Industries,” with the duo hard at work creating the “Twerk-Bot 1.0,” a fully animated torso that twerks like an inspired cross between Miley Cyrus and Iggy Azalea.

The husband scientist has an added incentive in seeing the twerking robot fully realized, as his wife informs him that they can’t have sex until the project is completed.

Utilizing a lab packed with modern technologies, the pair analyzes the gyrating buttocks of actual dancers to get the specs on their twerking robot just right. The finished product comes with a myriad of features, including a USB port, triple-jointed pneumatics and the ever-important A.H.P., or Anti-Hip Lock, which it achieves thrusts of up to 124 TPM, which we’re assuming stands for “twerks per minute.”

┬áBasement Jaxx’s upcoming Junto album is set for release on Aug. 25.


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