YouTube Lets You Down, Blocks ‘Rickroll’ Video in the U.S.

By Philip Cosores

When you think of YouTube, what do you think of?

Rick Astley, “Never Gonna Give You Up.” Yeah, that is pretty much the only answer acceptable. Uploaded seven years ago under the title “RickRoll’D,” the clip from the pop hit has been seen over 71 million times.

And now, it is gone. Well, sort of. And no, this isn’t a prank.

According to Billboard, the video has been disabled from viewing in the United States; it still exists, but if trying to watch from the U.S., you’ll get the standard sad face telling you you’re unable to watch.

There is no word yet on why “rickrolling” has suffered a sudden ending, though Billboard noted that this has happened before — once, in 2012.


The song was originally a hit in the late ’80s, spending 23 weeks on the charts. but saw new life 20 years later as a proto-meme, used as the switch after people had been baited to think something, anything, else was at the other end of a link.

Now, does Rick Astley get paid for those 71 million views? And is that still nothing in terms of stream dollars? Makes you wonder.


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