Vic Mensa Gets with Chance the Rapper for ‘Feel That’: Watch

By Courtney E. Smith

Vic Mensa‘s new video for “Feel That” begins with his lament that he’s not having any fun.

Never mind that he says it while sitting by a pool on a beautiful, sunny Southern California day. He friend gives him an eyedropper that he claims is full of fun and instructs him to drop it in his ears.

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Then Mensa’s trip down the rabbit hole begins, in theory. In reality the clip doesn’t quite live up to the Alice in Wonderland fable, giving us only fuzzy focus edges and occasional effects to create the sense we’re seeing some altered state through Mensa’s eyes. He does perfectly normal things, like partying with his friends, skateboarding in Hollywood and driving around the city with some girls.

This wild ride, as it turns out, is only happening in his imagination. Chance the Rapper stops by to try and snap him out of it, but he’s having a very realistic waking dream.

The moral of the story, as it often is: don’t do drugs, kids. All the things you’ll imagine you could do are just things you could really be doing, even if the girls are hotter in your imagination.

Mensa’s Street Lights EP is due out July 27.


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