Tom Petty Streaming Five New Songs on Website: Listen

By Philip Cosores

Tom Petty came up in the music industry in a different age of music, where getting played on the radio was the alpha and the omega of success. And while it is still important (duh, we’re radio people), the variety of mediums and platforms available to infiltrate culture must be daunting to people of Petty’s generation.

Or, maybe not, as Petty has launched, which looks like a radio, but uses streaming technology to debut five songs from his weeks-away album, Hypnotic Eye.

Sure, it would have been fun to make the radio do some other things besides just stop and play, but most probably aren’t there to push buttons and adjust levels.

The five songs you can currently hear have all been released within the past few weeks, but now you can conveniently hear them all in the same place while experiencing a bit of nostalgia for the days of old. These are “American Dream Plan B,” “U Get Me High”, “Fault Lines”, “Red River”, and “Forgotten Man”.

Look for the new Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Hypnotic Eye on July 19.


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