Jeezy: Jay Z Got Teary-Eyed Writing His Verse on ‘Seen It All’

By Philip Cosores

Jay Z isn’t known for his emotional vulnerability; remember when Solange went Street Fighter 2 on him in the elevator? He didn’t lose it— he played it calm and cool, like he always does.

But his contribution to Jeezy‘s “Seen It All” found Hova delving into a different part of himself. The nostalgic, the raw, the weepy.

Yeah, Jay Z got teary-eyed.

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The verse, which took the rapper less than an hour to complete, deals with his drug-slangin’ past, and as Jeezy tells MTV News, they “got on the phone and [Jay] was like, ‘Yo, Jeezy, when I was writing the verse I had tears in my eyes, man,’ because it took him so far back to Marcy. Every bar in that song was real — I put my hand on the Bible.”

Will this open up a new side of Jay? Will he start reading The Secret and watching daytime soaps? Doubtful, but still makes for a great moment of the new track.


The album of the same name, Seen It All, is due out on Sept. 2.


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