Common on a Black Captain America: ‘It’s a Beautiful Thing’

By Kevin Rutherford

Yesterday it was announced by Marvel Comics that Captain America will be a black man in an upcoming comic book series, and it’s possible no one is happier than Common.

The rapper was approached by TMZ today (July 17) to get his opinion on the news, which he calls “beautiful.”

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“It’s a beautiful thing,” he said, also referencing Marvel’s decision to have the character of Thor be a woman in an upcoming series as well. “It’s the way the world is. The diversity in comic books is just showing where we are as people. I think we gotta see superheroes in diversity so we all know we’re all together.”

Common should have something to say on the matter. In 2008, it was reported that he would play Green Lantern in a Justice League project, but all was eventually scrapped. The character eventually got its own feature-length film in 2011, with Ryan Reynolds as the titular star.

The series, which will feature the character of Sam Wilson, before known as the Falcon, as Captain America, is set to premiere in October.

Common’s new album Nobody Smiling  is set for release next week.


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