30 Drake Songs Reworked into Footwork, Reggaeton by DJ Paypal

By Marissa G. Muller

While you’re waiting for Drake’s new album, Views From The 6, to drop, DJ Paypal has gifted the world with a 30-song collection of shiny remixes of the rapper’s songs.

In case Drake never makes a full on dance album, DJ Paypal has provided some idea of what that could sound like. His remix collection is stamped with his signature 160bpm and dabbles in footwork, jersey club, and reggaeton – which is appropriate considering Drake worked on his debut album Thank Me Later in Jamaica and the album’s lead single closes DJ Paypal’s project.

On the slow-burning closer “Over,” he sends Drake’s vocals through a high-pitched processor, transforming the song into a glimmering cool down moment. It’s only towards the end that you can actually recognize the track, when DJ Paypal reveals a sliver of the song’s original hook.

You can stream DJ Paypal’s edits below and grab at download here.


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