David Bowie Says He’ll Release ‘More Music Soon’

By Courtney E. Smith

Davie Bowie was unable to attend a fundraising event thrown by the Terrance Higgins Trust to honor him this past weekend, but he did send a statement. In true Bowie style, it had a tiny note at the end that has set the world on edge. In it, Bowie teased, yet again, that the world would hear more new music from him.

“The city [of London] is even better than the one you were in last year, so remember to dance, dance, dance,” Bowie’s statement read. “And then sit down for a minute, knit something, then get up and run all over the place. Do it. Love on ya. More music soon.”

Bowie released the album The Next Day in 2013. Another album in 2014 would be quick turn around for the legend, as his last original album before that was 2003’s Reality.

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This is not Bowie’s first hint that fans can expect new music in 2014. In a taped message celebrating Columbia chairman Rob Stringer being given Strat Award at the Music Week Awards back in April, NME reported that Bowie said, “When he asked me if I minded if he took a few Saturdays off from his duties as percussionist on my new album this year in order to catch the Luton Town football club fixtures, how could I refuse? It’s the least I could offer to the man who with his own hands pulled my album to Number One throughout the world.”


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