Watch Nicki Minaj and Cam’ron Go Back to NYC Roots in ‘So Bad’ Video

By Marissa G. Muller

What would Nicki Minaj be like as a landlord? That question and more is answered in the video for “So Bad,” Cam’ron‘s new take on his 2012 Yummy Bingham track, this time featuring Minaj.

The music video, directed by Antwan Smith and premiered via Complex, opens with Cam checking out a $20,000-a-month apartment owned by Minaj. Cam spends the rest of the video appealing to her, when he’s not sipping on Clique Vodka, and wooing her with lines like “I was dealing, ma / Introduced you to dealing, ma / You ain’t even know a fan could go up on the ceiling, ma.”

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Minaj however, rocking a new blonde ‘do and Barbie heels, isn’t easily wooed. The MC delivers a hard-hitting verse and pokes fun at Cam: “Now you running round fronting like you paid in full / My n—a, you ain’t Rico, this ain’t Paid in Full.”

But their love is shared for their hometown, New York. The video shows shots of the city’s bridges, subway, Times Square and The Apollo in Harlem, while Minaj goes back to her roots with the verse: “You was telling my mother you loved me all the time /Pink Range you was pushing, that was sorta mine / Late night New York fried chicken spots and all / 125 and Lenox outside the mall.”

Look for more new tracks from Cam’ron soon as “So Bad” is the second installment of the rapper’s recently-launched First of the Month Vol. 2 series.


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