Watch: Train Get Wild in Western ‘Angel in Blue Jeans’ Video

By Philip Cosores

Train and tough guy actor Danny Trejo, together at last.

An improbably pairing, yes, but not one that doesn’t work in the western video for Train’s new single, “Angel in Blue Jeans.”

The storyline is simple, and the “man rescuing girl (Hannah Simone) from bad guy” plot works with the songs hooky acoustic guitar and earworm melody.

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But the twist is that Trejo is the good guy and romantic hero in a play against typecasting, while Train’s frontman, Pat Monahan, gets to strut his acting chops as the villain.

The clip is directed by SCANTRON FILMS & Mel Soria, while the song will be featured on the new Train album, Bulletproof Picasso, which will be released on Sept. 16.

Check out “Angel in Blue Jeans” below.


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